Real Estate Usability

Real Estate Usability

Time for a change of perspective

How do we make established properties attractive and future-safe? How do properties have to adapt to the rental and employment market to remain profitable? And what role does digitization play in this? To fully exploit the potential of real estate, it’s time for a change of perspective! Because in future, users won’t look for suitable buildings, but will expect buildings to adapt to them. Drees & Sommer is meeting the challenges of digitization and users’ expectations with buildings that function perfectly.


Users will only live and work where they feel comfortable. They demand a healthy and well-thought-out work environment that ensures well-being and productivity – which also promotes staff retention. And intelligent learning and work environments even help to combat the skills shortage. Drees & Sommer’s holistic Real Estate Usability approach helps customers to recognize and meet increasingly demanding user requirements. There is a range of modules that modules contribute to a property’s optimal ROI:

Architecture and Design

We advise on architecture and Corporate Design, and offer planning and management solutions. We deliver a building with a clear design that reflects the identity of its users.

Change Management

User acceptance is a key factor when changing work environments. We use effective communication, experience and tools to dispel any concerns and promote acceptance of change.


Space for new buildings is limited, so optimization of established properties is becoming increasingly important. We help your building to realize its future potential.

Cradle to Cradle

Cradle to Cradle® turns buildings into raw material repositories, transforming even demolition into a revenue source. At the same time, the approach makes the buildings more attractive to users, who benefit from a healthy work environment.

Workplace Consulting

We develop your new work environment based on brand equity, keeping in mind such factors as functional use, needs-oriented infrastructure and IT. We develop pioneering design solutions for you.

Information and Communication Technology

Current trends in Information & Communication Technology pose huge challenges for companies. We support you during your digital transition.

Sustainability Consulting

Buildings of the future put people and the environment first. We ensure a healthy balance between economic efficiency and sustainability, resulting in a high level of acceptance for your properties.

Real Estate Consulting

The practice of managing and utilizing buildings purely for business operations is a thing of the past. We provide you with the right concepts for a transparent portfolio and future-safe properties.