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King Fahad National Library


Cisco, Customer experience centre


TAJ Hotel & Residence, JLT


King Fahad National Library


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Annual Report 2019

Mission Statement #01

Value Guaranted

We always add value to projects. Our clients can count on it. We offer our employees job security and the certainty that we value innovative ideas.

Mission Statement #02

Success with integrity

We take the straight and narrow path to success. We are happy to give this promise to our clients in writing – as compliance certification, signed and sealed. We are fair to our employees and demand honesty from them, too.

Mission Statement #03

Good ideas no limits

We get things done. The more responsibilities our clients entrust us with, the better. Because we want to make a difference. Our employees see themselves as intrapreneurs. They take responsibility early, are allowed to exert influence and implement their ideas.

Mission Statement #04

Leading the way

We are ready to take the lead. As market leader, we pave the way for innovations. In projects, we take responsibility and lead our customers to success. We develop our employees to strong managers who inspire others and motivate them to achieve excellence.

Mission Statement #05

Independent togehter

We own our group. No bank, no hedge fund, no group interferes in our operations. Our customers experience this in the form of neutral and objective advice. Our employees know that they can achieve much as a team – from project manager to partner.

Mission Statement #06

Passion on performance

We love what we do. Difficult situations inspire us to give our all. And the enthusiasm and passion with which we tackle jobs infects our clients and other service providers involved in the project. Our employees work and celebrate together.

Mission Statement #07

Globally local

Worldwide, we have the best teams on the ground. Regardless of where we are working for our clients, we speak the language and understand the culture. Our employees think and act across team, country and project boundaries – because good ideas don't have a zip code.

Mission Statement #08

Innovation for the future

We promote innovative ideas. In projects, we talk to our clients about what will be relevant for them in future. Ecology and economy go hand in hand. Our employees continue to develop, too – personally and professionally.