For the last few years, tourism was one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide as travel was booming. Things look very different in 2020: Hospitality has been one of the hardest-hit sectors amidst the Covid-19 global pandemic. The development of new, mixed-use Hospitality concepts, new locations, digital and sustainable business solutions are the need of the hour.

We have developed approaches and strategies to strengthen the sector.

Our interdisciplinary team provides extensive and industry-specific know-how in the operational, economic, technical and planning aspects of hospitality projects. Our service portfolio goes all the way from real estate and site research, detailed site and market analyses, plausibility checks and project management to highly developed concepts for the transition-, implementation- and operation-phase of the project.

Thanks to decades of project- and consulting-experience with more than 600 successfully completed touristic real estate developments of all kinds worldwide, we provide the suitable answer to your specific challenges. The Drees & Sommer solution is always innovative, goal oriented and thus the foundation for long-term success.


You can download our latest whitepaper 'Hotel Pre-opening: A Tactical Approach' here.