Implementing sustainability in the workplace post-COVID-19

Stephan Degenhart, Associate Partner and Managing Director Drees & Sommer Middle East

The COVID-19 pandemic hast acted as a catalyst for several trends in the design and operation of commercial real estate. Real estate needs to become more intelligent, eco-friendly and sustainable to meet the ever-changing needs of users, especially as the future belongs to the ‘digital natives’, that climate-conscious generation that is now entering the workplace for the first time. Stephan Degenhart, Managing Director at Drees & Sommer, explains how sustainability initiatives can be implemented under these new circumstances. “Employees of the future will assign more importance to having a sustainable and healthy work environment. With more of our daily work tasks moving into the digital space, this impacts the design of offices as well as the facilities, technologies and services that need to be provided”, he says.

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