Preparing for Hospitality 2.0 in the post-Covid-19 era

From repurposing a property to adapting new strategies and approaches to secure a strong come-back for your hotel assets once the industry restarts, a multitude of things have to be considered from operational changes to strict hygiene measures.

In the early days of the global Covid-19 pandemic, we saw countries reactivate decommissioned hospitals, construct emergency hospital facilities, and repurpose exhibition centres, sports halls and hotels, to create an additional treatment and quarantine capacity. For this to work, strict hygiene measures and specific technical prerequisites had to be taken into account as part of the complex task of recommissioning and repurposing buildings. Moreover, handovers to health authorities had to be done quickly to meet the rapidly rising demand for quarantine facilities.

Since the beginning of March, Drees & Sommer has had interdisciplinary, cross-professional teams of experts on standby to assist companies and public authorities with the recommissioning of hospitals and repurposing of buildings. The emergency task force consists of clinicians, medical technicians, nursing specialists and hygiene experts as well as engineers, architects and infrastructural facility management specialists, to provide integrated procedures and pooled resources for both the assets’ clinical and logistical processes.

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