Follow the Duck Event Brings Together Young Proptech Companies and the Established Retail Estate Industry

Norman Meyer, Leiter Digitale Geschäftsmodelle bei Drees & Sommer und Nathanie Ursinus-Vasiliadis, Digital Business Managerin bei Drees & Sommer setzen auf Carsten Petzold, der bei der Veranstaltung das PropTech Doozer vorstellte

Whether in the business of augmented reality, big data or blockchain – the young proptech companies at Follow the Duck on December 3 showed that they are a match for the rest of the industry. At the event, which was held nearby the train station in Frankfurt am Main, startups met with real estate investors and experts including Drees & Sommer. This was the fourth Follow the Duck event, which was organized by Konii along with real estate companies to promote digital development in the real estate industry.

As the young promoters of digital transformation, proptech companies used the event as a platform to discuss the disruptive business models that are revolutionizing the traditional real estate industry. In the pitch presentation format, which was developed by Konii in the style of the TV program Blind Date, the six start-up companies presented their innovative digital business models. The aim of the new format was to stimulate both the guests’ and the sponsors’ curiosity about the proptech companies. One after the other, the sponsors each put three questions to three proptech companies.

Norman Meyer, Head of Digital Business Models at Drees & Sommer, and Nathanie Ursinus-Vasiliadis, Digital Business Manager at Drees & Sommer, chose Carsten Petzold, whose company, Doozer, specializes in professional property refurbishment. After his three questions, Kai Zimprich, CIO Germany and Northern Europe at Jones Lang LaSalle SE, chose Felix Rohde of Homevoice, whose startup aims to make it easier to rent out or find a property to rent. By taking part, the real estate experts are leading the way and highlighting the importance of cooperation with startups for successful management of digital transformation. Drees & Sommer has developed a tool called Start It Up to launch suitable collaborations with promising startups. At, newly emerged businesses, creative minds and entrepreneurs can register and link up with experts from Drees & Sommer.