Educational Buildings of the Future

How can room design support the educational process? What is really important when it comes to constructing school and educational buildings? These and other questions are tackled by Professor Dr. Christine Kohlert, Head of Workplace Strategy at RBSGROUP, a subsidiary of Drees & Sommer, in an interview with the Russian broadcaster Moskovskij Obrazovatelnij.

This interesting discussion took place during the City of Education in Moscow forum in September 2017. Professor Dr. Kohlert talked about the educational buildings of the future and stressed that discussions about room design in the field of education ought to take place in a much livelier and more open manner so that high school students, apprentices and other students had an opportunity not just to listen but also to interact at any stage. She felt that classrooms and lecture halls should be set up in such a way as to allow the space they provided to be reconfigured for group work or discussions without a great deal of effort. She is convinced that flexible room design is essential for the promotion of learning and knowledge processes.

Why not listen in for yourself? Click on the following link to hear the full interview:

City of Education