Construction in the Alps: The Waldhotel Healthy Living is developed in the Swiss Bürgenstock Resort

The building is designed as a stepped house, which flows with the natural course of the terrain

The Bürgenstock Resort in Switzerland has been a popular conference destination and holiday spot since 1873. With new hotels, residences and business infrastructure, the Bürgenstock Resort is continuing its long history of popularity. The Waldhotel is also part of these extensive measures. It will be built based on a design by architects Matteo Thun and should accommodate 149 rooms and 11 suites, which will vary in size between 37 and 120 square metres. The hotel’s exterior enables it to fit into the forest landscape perfectly. This is thanks to the richly green rooftop gardens and the facades made from solar control glass, which create the effect of a green forest through reflection. By the end of June 2016, two showrooms and a passageway had already been completed. Meanwhile, the series manufacturing of the standard rooms, rehab rooms and suites is under way.