Real estate. Projects. Expertise. Passion.

We provide technical expertise, solve problems, offer general advice and assistance, act as the project manager, oversee our construction sites, generate reports and ideas, all in line with the clients’ specifc needs. We employ some 3,820 people at 46 locations worldwide, who are assigned one of three core tasks: project management, engineering or consulting. They collaborate and communicate in teams, across disciplines and geographical boundaries – to deliver complete answers to our clients’ imperatives. What role would you most like to play?


cups of coffee are consumed by the average employee every day.


new items on average are posted on our internal news system each day.


employees name cooking as one of their hobbies.


offices were represented at our worldwide staff meeting - the Office Seminar – in 2016.

What sets us apart

Our Philosophy: Eight Statements To Sum Things Up

Many companies have a corporate philosophy. Often it is a series of sentences that sound good but say little, printed in a brochure only to end up gathering dust. By contrast, our philosophy consists of eight short statements that express what we achieve, the way we think, how we work together, and what sets us apart. Everyone who joins us is given a personal ‘statement card’ to which the employee’s experiences can gradually be added.

VALUE GUARANTEED evidences our achievements.

The following statements express how we realize our objectives:

SUCCESS WITH INTEGRITY - Upholding the highest ethical standards.

GOOD IDEAS – NO LIMITS - Giving our employees adequate freedom and flexibility.

LEADING THE WAY - Assuming a leadership role in the marketplace.

INDEPENDENT TOGETHER - Retaining our partnership-based company structure.

PASSION FOR PERFORMANCE - Taking pride in achieving success with our clients.

GLOBALLY LOCALshows where we provide our services.

INNOVATION FOR THE FUTURE shows how we look ahead to tomorrow.

Each statement has two dimensions: what it means for our clients and what it means for our employees.


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The Key is Our Spirit For Success

The Drees & Sommer team works enthusiastically and passionately to ensure the success of our clients’ projects. We assume a lot of responsibility, show great commitment, and all pull together. This is the only way to guarantee success – and enjoy our work. In the Drees & Sommer Group, there is no contradiction in this.

Teams of specialists in different areas, towns, cities and countries, from very different cultural backgrounds and speaking different languages, all working together. Individuality and different personal strengths are required from the team members. But it is at least as important that they all work with their colleagues in a constructive way and as equals in order to ensure their joint success. This is the only way in which small teams can grow into networks on a regional, transregional and international level – and ultimately the extensive global Drees & Sommer network.

We enjoy our work, the success of the team and that of our clients. This is why we at Drees & Sommer provide mutual support for each other. Experienced colleagues give lectures at the Drees & Sommer Academy and share their knowledge with new people, or they demonstrate it for them through their everyday work. We attach great importance to a positive working atmosphere, fairness, and openness. Celebrating success with our colleagues and taking part in sports together in our leisure time – that is what is different about Drees & Sommer. It is the way we work. We call it Spirit for Success.


Maximilien Ast
Associate Partner, Luxemburg

„Making it happen: For me, this includes people being free and trusted to act as entrepreneurs and to continue their personal development. From my frst days at Dreso I have been able to help shape things internationally and count on support for the implementation of my ideas”



Within the Drees & Sommer Group, partnership can be experienced in the corporate structure, the way management and staff interact with each other regardless of their different levels of experience, and – above all – the way we deal with people outside the company. We see ourselves as working in partnership with the client, and believe this is a crucial factor in the success of the Drees & Sommer Group.

This partnership model is exemplified by our partners. As managing partners they lead the Drees & Sommer-Group. In this role they are independent entrepreneurs with responsibility for the Group.