University Students & Graduates

University Students & Graduates

Placement as an Intern or Student Trainee

Interns and student trainees are always welcome at Drees & Sommer. Whether you want to do a voluntary or mandatory internship, or to gather some practical experience while studying, we offer exciting projects in a variety of industries. For example, you could support the Project Management Team with the construction of a new library or shopping center, or assist our experts working on Green Building certification. Whatever you want to contribute, we offer you the opportunity to build on your knowledge by putting it into practice.

You will join us in meetings, accompany us to building sites or on visits to clients, and contribute to the success of our projects. Everyday tasks can also include copying acquisition documents or conducting research. So, as you can see, an internship with Drees & Sommer offers a variety of tasks, which are not very different from those performed daily by our project management professionals.

Internships are possible in all areas of the company and the services provided during your internship will be appropriately remunerated.

Duration of internship

To ensure that you can cover as many topics as possible to an appropriate level of detail, we recommend that you plan plenty of time for your internship – we are quite happy for it to be longer than three months. An internship can be a great start to your career at Drees & Sommer!

Drees & Sommer Durchstarter

High performers also qualify for inclusion in our intern support program, Drees & Sommer Durchstarter. We support participants in our Durchstarter program throughout their university studies, and offer them many opportunities for networking and further training, as well as exclusive insights into our projects.